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Firexpress Pump Driven Unit

Pump Driven Unit


The pump driven unit is often used in ordinary fire engines to improve the fire fighting capability and reduce the amount of used water. It can also be incorporated with various sizes of water tanks and placed on an ordinary pick up or on a transport pallet. The pump can either be powered by a petrol, diesel or electrical engine or by hydraulics.


The pump driven unit is the cornerstone of the Firexpress product line. With its ability to deliver 24 litres per minute at a range of 15 metres, it is the most powerful system in the Firexpress range of products. As the unit must be connected to an external water tank it does not itself limit the fire fighting capacity.

Firexpress Mobile Unit

Mobile Unit


The mobile unit is used to fight fires in relative close proximity and where fire fighting must start very fast. The mobility of the system makes it very useful in industrial high risk areas such as factories, warehouses, car decks and engine rooms on ships, aircraft hangers etc. The compact design makes it ideal for installation in smaller emergency vehicles.


The mobile unit is a self-contained system with a 50 litres tank for premixed water and foam. The system is driven by compressed air from a standard breathing apparatus tank filled to 200 or 300 bars. The lance is connected to the system via a 30 meter hose.

Firexpress All Terrain Vehicle

All Terrain Vehicle


The Firexpress ATV is an all terrain vehicle especially designed for fast response fire fighting when rough terrain has to be navigated or some distance needs to be driven. The ATV is also the right choice for narrow streets in a city. The pump is able to suck up water from rivers, lakes, the sea or any available water reservoir simultaneous with using the fire fighting system or fill the water tank in approximately 4 minutes.


The Firexpress fire fighting ATV is built on a high quality American made Polaris ATV and can pull a trailer or sleigh and can be used to bring injured people through rough terrain to the nearest road. The ATV has a pump driven unit installed and has a 160 water tank and a 12 litres foam tank. The lance is connected via a 50 meter hose.

Firexpress Motor Cycle

Firexpress Motor Cycle


When the fire fighter faces the challenge of being a great distance away from the fire or narrow environment has to be navigated a Firexpress fire fighting systems mounted on a motorcycle is the right choice for the task. It can quickly get through congested traffic and reach a fire scene much quicker than conventional vehicles due to its high speed and narrowness. The system consists of two tanks connected with one another, each with either 20 or 25 litres premixed water and foam and a 6.8 litre tank for compressed air. The lance is connected to a 20 or 30 meter hose.


The fire fighting system is mounted on a German made BMW R 1200RT motor cycle and comes with emergency lights and sirens. The motorcycle is fully capable of carrying the extra weight and stay stable at any speed.

Firefighter's Back Pack

Back Pack


The backpack is the most mobile of the Firexpress systems. It is particularly useful when the fire fighter has to approach the fire through very arrow passage ways like on a ship or on upper floors of a building. The system consists of a shield carried on the back of the fire fighter secured with a harness. It consists of two tanks connected with one another, each with 6 litres of premixed water and foam and either a 3.0 or a 6.8 litres tank with compressed air.


The lance for the backpack is shorter than the standard lance for easier movement in confined areas. The system can be delivered with or without an integrated face mask with an on-demand breathing apparatus.

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